Livestock Exhibitors


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VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ANIMAL ENTRIES AT THE GARLAND COUNTY FAIR THIS YEAR! PLEASE READ TO THE END!!! Information from Carroll Mercer:  This year, anyone showing animals at the Garland County Fair will register using the online entry program called “Show Works”. Show Works will be open for registration starting July 1 and will be the only way to register your animal for the Garland County Fair. All animals must be registered by SEPTEMBER 1. 

Failure to register for the fair through Show Works will prevent you from showing at the fair this year. You may register yourself by going to the Show Works program accessed through the Garland County Fair Website. If you need help, you can attend a “helps” session at the Garland County Extension Office on Tuesday afternoon, August 14, from 4:00-6:00 p.m.. Fountain Lake, Jessieville, Mountain Pine, and Lake Hamilton schools will also be scheduling help sessions. Dates for the school meetings are being scheduled by the various school agri teachers.  Registration must be completed via “Show Works” for all animals being shown except for poultry/fowl entries. Those will be registered on the 2nd Saturday in August during the blood testing at the fairgrounds.  Any questions/comments should be directed to Carroll Mercer at  507-407-2474 

Important date for poultry chain participants!!! Testing of all birds you plan to show at the fair will be done on Saturday, August 11 from 8:00 to 12:00 noon. Be sure to take your birds you plan to show to the fairgrounds. Pre-entry for the fair will take place at that time as well. Poultry chain participants will enter their birds in Class 9 only and must enter 4 birds for that class. You may take a couple of extras for testing in case substitutions are needed by fair time. If your birds are not tested and registered you will not be able to show them at the fair.

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