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Garland County Fair Association

4831 Malvern Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, US


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Board Members


2018 Garland County Fair & Livestock Association

Board Members

President:  James Parker

Vice President: Phillip Howell

Executive Secretary: Jeff Britt​

Recording Secretary: Carroll Mercer

Garland County Fair and Livestock Association Contacts



James Parker 501-620-3810

Edgar Banks 501-762-2055

Peggy Barnett 501-623-9592

Jeff Britt 501-318-8322

John Digby 501-282-3035

Robert Goodeaux 501-844-6154

Phillip Howell 501-627-2646
James Mattingly 501-622-9321
Carroll Mercer  507-407-2474
Bryan Messersmith 501-620-6033
Randy Payton 501-545-1052

Phyllis Pipkin 501-762-2701
Selwyn Pipkin 501-762-1995
Melvin Daniel 501-282-1037
Mike Snyder 501-762-4058
Kenny Warren 501-617-0676
Glenn Wright 501-627-3208